A Growing Business

Founded in 2021 by Carley Pinsonneault, BootinBikinis is a women-driven brand that values femininity, uniqueness, and high-quality.

Our suits are made of luxurious, buttery-soft fabrics and embellished with details that add a sweet touch. From lace trims to ruffles or rosettes, we custom design each suit down to the last detail.

  • Carley

    CEO & Founder


  • Eden

    Influencer Outreach & TikTok Lead Coordinator


  • Isabella

    Creative Content & Social Media Manager


  • Sandy

    Director of Strategic Marketing Operations


Our Manufacturer

At BootinBikinis, we work closely with our overseas manufacturer to ethically create our unique suits. We have an exceptional team of skilled artisans and creators that work in safe and positive environments. We value every individual who contributes to our products, recognizing that they are the essence of BootinBikinis.

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